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Wire and Cable

Creative Elecpower Private Limited manufacture a wide range of Wire and Cables used in residential,commercial,industrial and LT/HT distribution. CEPL have extensive knowledge and experience required to provide a specification review service. CEPL which started from humble beginnings since its inception has grown to become independent maker and distributors of industrial Wires and Power Cable.

The quality products and services it offers have made the company known and recognized highly by all its customers for theirexceptional quality assurance, outstanding products and excellence in customer service.

Creative Elecpower Private Limited serves the needs of many industrial companies engaged in the field of ,real estateconstruction, electric utilities, transport, petro-chemical,Infrastructure industries telecommunications, medical, automotiveindustries and supplies a wide selection from standard to Power Cables, Wire products and cables to many distributors in theindustrial sector domestically across India.The Cables produced by CEPL are compliant to the standards maintained by Indianstandards(BIS, ISI, specifications) and Europen Standard ( CE specification).

True to its objective to serve the needs of many industrial firms all over India and Native country, Creative Elecpower PrivateLimited created a specialized unit . An important investment made by the owners to give in to the growing expansion stancetaken by the company and made to primarily meet the increased demands in the production of Wires and Cables whilstallowing the company to also meet swift satisfy the growing distribution demands of their manufactured products.

Solar PV Balance-of-System

A Solar PV Balance-of-System or BOS refers to the components and equipment that move DC energy produced by solar panels through the conversion system which in turn produces AC electricity.Most often, BOS refers to all components of a PV system other than the modules. In addition to inverters and racking, this includes the cables/wires, switches, enclosures, fuses, ground fault detectors, and more... BOS applies to all types of solar applications (i.e. commercial, residential, agricultural, public facilities, and solar parks).

Quality First

Creative Elecpower Private Limited maintains a strict standard of Quality both in products and services. CEPL commitment todelivering high quality products is based on the establishment of strong technological base, continuing improvement,maintaining high quality standards,whilst exceeding customer expectations.

Research and Development

Understanding the needs of the market as well as technical expertise is an essential strategy at CEPL in its continuous journeyof product improvement.

High Tech Machineries and Processes

All production machineries installed by Creative Elecpower Private Limited Factory are sourced from top of the line Cablesmachinery suppliers,Beginning from start-up with Wire drawing lines to extrusion lines, from assembly machines up to thelaboratories and the final test fields; all technical equipment is provided with the highest Standards of electronic control andmeasuring devices ensures that rigid quality requirements are met with precision and high workmanship. Each productthoroughly goes within the manufacturing process using the most modern decentralized control software at the lines (PLC)combined with an efficient central steering and a planning system focused on the demand of Cable manufacturers. Eachmachine and all production lines are prepared to gather data communication and data exchange bottom up and top down. Inthis manner, full traceability will be guaranteed from start of production until the end of the processing line. This intricateprocedure allows our production workers and Engineers to determine the machines involved and the material used for eachproduct.