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Operation and Maintenance Of Cell Sites

Creative Elecpower Private Limited are more focusing on O&M of cell sites, AMC of class A materials. We are taking care of Diesel Filling, EB billscollection, Preventive Maintenance, Breakdown Maintenance, Ensuring to reach owner rental payments in time,Estate management, Security Management, Fuel Management, Fault management etc.We at Operation & Maintenance Business Unit endeavor to provide flexible, integrated, dependable, quality andresponsive solutions for the Operation & Maintenance requirements in the telecom industry. Our customer'scommitment is our commitment. Not only are the services provided by us are cost effective but also in line with thecustomer expectations and satisfaction level, hence we are able to get renewal and extension of the projects ofO&M received by us. The teams provided by us are project specific and are well trained with the specific skillsrequired for Operation & Maintenance in the telecom industry.

Preventive, Corrective and Breakdown maintenance of the Electrical equipments in the Cell Sites

  •  We deploy skilled Electrical, Electronic Technicians as per the Customer Requirements. 
  • Site Inspections in regular intervals and identification and correction of any deviations. 
  • Apart from riggers qualified supervisor will ensure work is done to high quality.

Scope broadly covers the Maintenance of below mentioned Telecom Infrastructure

  • Diesel Diesel Generator Engine
  •  Diesel Generator Alternator
  •  PMU ( Power Management Unit)
  •  Electrical Installation
  •  Battery Bank
  •  Integrated Panel
  •  Air Conditioner Unit
  •  Shelter
  •  Power Plant
  •  Cables
  •  Lightning Arrestor
  •  Aviation Lamp
  •  AC/ DC Power Supplies
  •  Mobile DG Services
  •  Fire Extinguishers
  •  Tower/Mast/Poles
  •  Earth Pits

Cell site alarm rectification

To fulfill the work scope of O&M, we follow up for alarms providing breakdown maintenance by tracking them toavoid site outages & link failure, as discussed below

  •  Battery low voltage
  •  Low fuel
  •  DG fail
  •  DG on load
  •  DG temp high
  •  DG belt break
  •  Mains Failure
  •  PAC alarm
  •  HRT
  •  Fire alarm
  •  Door open alarm
  •  Smoke alarm


Based on calls received from FMS of the alarms the technicians will attend the same FAULT MANAGEMENT CENTERTO FACILITATE SLA MONITORING .We Provide coordinators on shift basis to the Costumer OMCR office that will beescalating the alarms to Technicians, Diesel Fillers, Project Leader and Team Leader. The record of the same shall bemaintained by the coordinators and should be submitted to the Customer. The record consists of –Time ofEscalation of alarms, Response of the Divine Infra Support personnel, Complete time of the corrective action.

Diesel Filling, Electricity Bill and Rent Payments

  • Creative Elecpower will provide Diesel Fillers so as to ensure the available 50% of HSD in the DG tank at any point of time  ·
  •  Proper Co-ordination with EB (Electricity Board) for timely collection of Electricity bills, 
  • Collection of paymentsfor the same from the customer's office and timely deposit of the payments at the respective EBs . 
  •  The same activity will be carried out for rent payments if any tenants