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Multiple Core Wire

Creative Elecpower offers Multi core Wires in different technical specifications. These cables have a contact construction, they are rugged, but flexible for industrial use and have high temperature insulation. Our range of Multicore wires can be availed in different types of insulation like Standard PVC, Heat resistant PVC up to 105° C and Standard PVC Of FRLS, which finds varied application in the electrical industry. Available in standard width, these multicore flexible cables are offered at competitive prices. 
Compact construction reduces weight per meter 
Rugged yet flexible for industrial use 
High temperature insulation. 
 Technical SpecificationConductor: 
  • High purity bright, electrolytic grade, plain annealed copper properly bunched having superb flexibility according to harmonized grades HO5V-K, HO7V-K and BS 6360 Class 5 available in various sizes. 'Unilay' conductor on the core will be provided on special order from 1 to 4 sq. mm.
  •  Insulation : Generally available with general purpose PVC insulation and PVC sheathing or as per customer.